What to Expect for Customers
Where am I Going?

There are six (6) possible Loop Tour destinations to which your Tarkett account executive has invited you.

Ohio – Solon, Chagrin Falls & Middlefield, OH

The location of our Tarkett North America headquarters and where Resilient products including rubber, stair treads and accessories are manufactured.

Closest airport – Cleveland, OH

Georgia – Dalton & Calhoun, GA

Where commercial and hospitality Soft Surface products are manufactured

Closest airports – Chattanooga, TN & Atlanta, GA

Alabama –Florence, AL

Where Resilient products including composition tile and LVT are manufactured

Closest airports – Huntsville, AL & Nashville, TN

Quebec –Farnham, Quebec

Where residential sheet products are manufactured

Closest airport – Farnham, Quebec

Tick Studio in the heart of Manhattan, NYC

A design studio for a myriad of products including including glass, floor covering, upholstery, drapery, and wall covering.

Closest airports – LaGuardia, JFK International and Newark

Jhane Barnes Inc. in Waccabuc, NY

A design studio housing garment and textile designs that span Jhane’s entire career utilizing computerized hand looms

Closest airports – LaGuardia, JFK International and Newark or White Plains

How are my travel arrangements being made?

Information related to travel will be received via correspondence with The Loop Tour email.

Tarkett will make any needed travel arrangements including:

  • Flights
  • Overnight accommodations
  • All ground transportation (to and from airport, for all meetings/tours, for evening or recreational events)
  • Meals & catering

You will be required to provide necessary information for making travel arrangements via a Travel Survey that you will receive from The Loop Tour.  Please respond to the questions in the Travel Survey as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made in a timely and economical manner.

Tarkett is happy to accommodate any special needs to the best of our ability.  If you have a need or restriction that is not addressed in the travel survey, please correspond directly with The Loop Tour email to let us know.

I completed my travel survey, now what? When will I receive my travel itinerary? Why have I not heard anything yet?

Thank you for your timely reply to the Travel Survey.  Travel itineraries are typically sent between 2 and 3 weeks prior to departure date.   Under certain circumstances, this time frame can be delayed.

Please be aware that even if you responded in timely fashion, other members of your Loop Tour party might procrastinate! We continue prompting those who have not to reply to the survey.

Ultimately, we book the entire Loop Tour party at the same time.   Because flights or hotels often fill up, we book the entire group together to eliminate the possibility of a Loop Tour guest traveling alone.  So for those of you who respond to the survey right away, please be patient, as we are often waiting on others to reply.

Please never hesitate to email The Loop Tour team if you are concerned or have questions.

What is the agenda for our Loop Tour and time spent at the Tarkett manufacturing facility and/or design studio?

A sample agenda and valuable information related to your trip can be accessed at any time at thelooptour.com.  Simply select the “other” tab and then “sample agendas” from the home page.  You can then select a sample agenda for any of the five (6) Loop Tour locations (Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Quebec, Tick Studio, or Jhane Barnes Inc.).

A more customized agenda designed to address your Loop Tour party’s specific objectives will be developed with the Tarkett account executive hosting your visit.  You will receive the customized agenda from your account executive approximately 5 to 7 business days before departure.  A hard copy of the agenda will also be provided when you arrive to your Loop Tour destination.

Please feel free to share any specific topics or objectives that you want to address during your time with us.  This is time you invested to visit Tarkett! We want to make it as valuable as possible.

What safety procedures should I be aware of?

On the day(s) of your tour(s), all personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided to you for safety purposes. You will be informed of Tarkett safety protocol and any procedures specific to the site you are visiting.

Please be sure to wear in business casual/walking attire, while avoiding loose clothing such as ties, scarves, long skirts etc.

In addition, all hair will need to be tied back off your shoulders, and no jewelry will be permitted inside the facility.  This includes watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings etc.

What should I pack to wear?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided for your tours of Tarkett manufacturing facilities, including safety vests, glasses, hearing protection and steel toe shoes.

Business casual attire is appropriate for all Tarkett facility tours, meetings and evening activities. Please be sure to wear business casual/walking attire, while avoiding loose clothing such as ties, scarves, long skirts etc. In addition, all hair will need to be tied back off your shoulders, and no jewelry will be permitted inside the facility.  This includes watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings etc. Pants are recommended for ladies as we do tour in some areas where the path is exposed stairwells or cat walks.

Most areas are climate controlled.  However, depending on the season, some areas get hot or cold.  Please plan to pack a jacket/coat for winter months or to wear cool, breathable garments during summer months.

If your Loop Tour includes a recreational day/activity, please plan accordingly for any outdoor activities or site seeing.

For a more detailed weather forecast during your trip, visit your favorite weather provider website prior to traveling.  Check the forecast for the city of your Loop Tour destination.

What will I be eating?

All meals (breakfasts, lunches and dinners) will be provided.

Any dietary restrictions that we need to be aware of can be outlined in the Travel Survey that you will receive in an email from The Loop Tour.  Please do not hesitate to express concerns or ask questions about your special dietary needs by directly emailing The Loop Tour.

A catered lunch will be provided during your official Loop Tour visit at the Tarkett facility and/or design studio.

All other breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be planned ahead of time with your Tarkett account executive and detailed on your Loop Tour agenda.  Reservations will be made as needed.

Who to contact in the event of an emergency?

Never hesitate to contact our Loop Tour team!

Hilary Wallin, Customer Experience Lead at 423-413-1296

Jennifer Tuck, Customer Experience Lead at 216-346-7273

Ricky Roe, Customer Experience & Sales Support at 706-581-3214

Heidi McInnish, Senior Customer Experience Manager at 706-508-8874

With travel, there is always the possibility of unexpected delays or even cancelations.  In the event of a flight delay or cancelation, we will not leave you stranded!  We will be made aware through our travel service.  However, you can also call to let us know at the numbers provided above.  We will make new arrangements as the situation deems necessary for your flights, hotel and ground transportation.  Any new arrangements will be communicated to you by phone and/or email.

Sometimes family members or co-workers may need to get in touch with you.  Please feel free to share our contact information with your family and co-workers as needed.