Flooring for Healthcare: An Evidence-Based Design Approach

Using the principles of evidence-based design can help architects, designers and other specifiers make better flooring selections for healthcare facilities.  This course presents the important selection criteria a specifier should consider when evaluating different flooring materials to support the overall design goals: an environment that promotes improved patient satisfaction and recovery, healthcare staff satisfaction and ultimately fiscal performance. The course will examine the implications of flooring selection in areas such as acoustic performance, safety and ergonomics, infection control and indoor air quality.

A Student's Perspective of Their Living and Learning Environment - An Evidence Based Approach

The focus of any interior finishes selection for the built environment should be with the consumer at the center. The current student population, The Millennial, makes decisions about their collegiate selection based on numerous items including the built environment. Evidence based developments include the interior finishes process; therefore, the student is impacted with a positive or negative outcome based on those decisions.  Our presentation will also include how students make their decisions through the lens of sustainability.  Sustainability is a focal point on campuses today and the relevance of campus programs and student participation is becoming more elevated. 

K-12: Emerging Design Standards

This course is an introduction and examination of emerging design trends in K-12 school environments.  It addresses flooring solutions in the context of evidence-based design.  This approach results in improved learning environments and outcomes and overall teacher effectiveness.  This course will specifically address best practices in three significant areas of concern including sustainable design, acoustics for the classroom and improving indoor quality for creating healthy learning environments.  The result of exposure to this evidence-based design concept will enable attendees to make more educated and beneficial design choices for their K-12 clients for many years to come.

NEXT Generation Green Building: Connecting People & Place

The green building industry is moving fast.  Are you keeping up?  This presentation will cover trends that are influencing the green building movement and what that will mean for the NEXT generation of projects.  We’ll review new tools to help you evaluate material health and the rating systems that are using them.  We’ll also discuss design strategies to create actively beneficial spaces for learning, working, healing and living.  Join us to learn how the NEXT green buildings will connect people and place.

Workplace Transformation in the Federal Government

The federal work force and environment are evolving rapidly.  This phenomenon is attributable to a “perfect storm” of factors including demographic and generational shifts in work force composition, deficit reduction pressure on governmental agencies, our nation’s drive for energy independence, more strident government mandates for environmental stewardship and sustainability, the changing nature and landscape of work and advances in information technology.  To assist architects, interior designers and management professionals with understanding this phenomenon, this CEU examines Alternative Workplace Arrangements and the essential role they play in workplace transformation.

LVT Sustainable Factory Tour

The “green” movement continues to increase in reach and scope, increasing numbers of consumers and businesses are placing a greater emphasis on developing strategies that will reach across the entire organization and transform standard practices. Tandus Centiva is a key cog in a dynamic supply chain that is increasingly embracing sustainable practices.  We believe in transparency.  Please join us for a “tour” of our Florence, Alabama facility and learn about what we have done in manufacturing to produce sustainable flooring materials.

Understanding Vinyl

This CEU will provide an explanation on vinyl manufacturing products and end of life opportunities. The presentation will evaluate the sustainable attributes of vinyl products from a life cycle prospective.  It will also address vinyl misconceptions and introduce new opportunities for raw materials and recycling.

Inspiration in Flooring Design

Years ago the floor was seen as utilitarian and merely for function.  With innovation in technology and manufacturing, the floor has become an integrated part of the overall design.  Today people are seeking individualism and uniqueness.  Customizing a floor not only gives the designer an opportunity to create a nice aesthetic but communicate a message, show direction or division of a space.  The possibilities for creativity have never been greater.  Our discussion will be in regard to hard surface flooring.  We will explore the various methods and ideas to add interest to the floor.