Middlefield Rubber Manufacturing

Middlefield Compression Molding/Extrusion Plant  This location produces commercial rubber flooring, stair treads, thermoset wall base, and vent cove base. Here, our ultrasonic cutter converts homogeneous vinyl sheet into tile, allowing use to create special sizes, motifs or logos for even more customization. We use only the highest quality materials, we have the most robust color line in the industry, and we consistently match any color without dye lots.  Operating on a closed loop water circuit, sending zero industrial waste to land fields and producing 100% phthalate free products, our commitment is to excellence for durability, purposeful design and adaptability.

Middlefield Distribution Center

Middlefield Distribution Center The Middlefield Distribution Center encompasses a 220,000 square feet footprint, accommodates approximately 80,000 SKU’s, and operates 24-hours a day to service Tarkett’s resilient customer network. It is also the home for our samples department where our team pulls and ships upwards of 2,000 lose samples per day for our customers.  A pivotal point for inbound and outbound freight managing inventory from Tarkett manufacturing facilities globally, “this is where the Magic happens.”

Chagrin Falls Extrusion

Chagrin Falls Extrusion Plant At this facility, we house a total of 21 (and counting) extrusion lines of two types, co-extruded profiles and single material profiles.  Operations in this plant conform to an exact color match specification when mixing compounds and pigments.  So, there are no dye lots.  And, we create our own profile dies in house, so our extruded line of accessories offers more profiles than any of the competition.   Where there is flexibility, there is opportunity for the smallest pieces we manufacture to make the biggest difference.

Solon Headquarters

Headquarters & Showroom – Our Tarkett North American headquarters is located in Solon, OH.  Approximately 200 associates work within this building including most of our executive team, customer service, logistics, claims, supply chain, accounts receivable/payable, marketing, product design, IT and more.  This building encompasses our North Eastern Ohio showroom as well where customers can come to view in house product and design.