Extrusion (Commercial) Our Tarkett extrusion plant is located in Calhoun, GA.  Here we manufacture Dynex SD®, which is a nylon 6 solution dyed fiber that we currently have in more than 140 individual colors.  All Dynex SD nylon offers permanent stain resistance due to the cationic properties inherent to the structure of every fiber. Having in-house extrusion allows us to offer customers faster lead times, superior quality, greater design flexibility, and a further commitment to environmental accountability.

Yarn & Dye

Yarn ProcessingOur yarn processing plant is located adjacent to our commercial soft surface design studio. And, rightly so. This is where the ever evolving innovation yields better texture, color, density, and styling. Due to our advanced twisting technology, our product designers are afforded endless opportunities to address performance and aesthetics by varying the number of yarn ends, twists and colors per inch. Our Roto-twist machine has the unique ability to alternate the twisting direction of the yarn for added texture. A more traditional method of air entangling blends individual filaments of multiple colors to create new shades and texture.  The design possibilities are infinite.


Tufting  Our commercial tufting facility is a made-to-order mill with over 30 tufting machines in constant production. Utilization of the most sophisticated tufting technologies along with a strategic production schedule, enables us to produce approximately 65,000 square yards of tufted material every day. Each tufting technology serves a specific purpose in broadening style selections while also offering our customers limitless opportunity for customization of colors and patterns. Because, where there is flexibility, there is opportunity to create real and relevant change.


FinishingIt all comes together at the finishing plant. Here, the process is completed by fusing the tufted material to a specified backing construction. We manufacture five construction options: ER3®, ethos® Modular, Flex-Aire®, Powerbond® Cushion, and Medfloor®. We have been pioneers in the industry with many of our backing constructions. We offered the first 100% recycled content backing that is also 100% recyclable and the first third-party certified recycled content backing. We were also the first to offer two recycled content construction options: one from post-consumer carpet and one from windshield safety film. Our Powerbond Cushion backing was the first to eliminate concrete subfloor moisture testing requirements. ethos was the second. It feels good to lead the way on so many backing fronts. But it feels even better to produce these constructions while emitting zero manufacturing waste.


Soft Surface Hospitality – Explore our extraordinary hospitality soft surface flooring facility where the importance that design and color play in creating just the right look is understood. Our design services are unsurpassed. Customize a pattern specifically for your space and bring your design to life or choose from an expansive collection of fashion-forward running line products. From inspired vision to assembled product, see the entire process from extrusion & yarn processing to tufted soft surface hospitality flooring.