Jhane Design that challenges, endures and influences. In 1996, a Tandus Centiva design director,  who wore Jhane’s clothes, approached her about  designing carpet. She has been designing for  Tandus Centiva ever since. After 37 years of working in New York City, Jhane moved her studio to  beautiful  Westchester County where she and her staff now enjoy fresh air and a beautiful view. Her studio houses garment and textile designs that span her  entire career, providing a solid  base of continual inspiration. There, her staff still utilize the computerized hand looms that  have been part of  Jhane’s creative process since the early 1980s. When you visit Jhane’s, you  will participate in a fun lesson on how to design patterns using math. You  will get to learn, collaborate and enjoy tranquility that evokes creativity. Your visit will end with dinner at  Jhane’s house – overlooking a quarry  pond filled with beautiful koi.