STIUSE Suzanne Tick Inc. is located in a townhouse in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan,   where Suzanne works and lives. The townhouse was the site of the Reuben Gallery in the  late 1950s and early 1960s, where Anita  Reuben invented art Happenings and where artists  such as Jim Dine, Allan Kaprow, Robert Whitman, Claes  Oldenburg, Red Grooms and many  more exhibited their work. This tradition of creativity carries on into the present  day, where  the townhouse is now a design studio for a myriad of products including broadloom and woven  carpet,  modular tile, Powerbond® and textiles for seating, panel and wall applications. Suzanne  also maintains a hand  weaving practice and creates woven sculptures from repurposed  materials. Her artwork is collected and exhibited  worldwide. In 2013, Suzanne was honored  with the IIDA Titan Award, given in recognition of significant  contributions to the interior  design profession.